Economic Information

Currently, the equity capital of SUNVIAUTO – INDUSTRIA DE COMPONENTES AUTOMÓVEIS, S.A., joint stock company, is 12.297.403,80 Euros.

SUNVIAUTO – INDUSTRIA DE COMPONENTES AUTOMÓVEIS, S.A conducts its relationship with shareholders, creditors and customers by the principles of correctness, objectivity, transparency and opportunity. Its concerns centre not only on the quality of the information given, but also on the timing of its disclosure, aiming to guarantee that the access thereto is made in a uniform and equal manner.

Further to the periodic disclosure of accounts and future projections, as well as all data pertaining to deviations detected between the evolution of its activity and estimates presented, there is a constant concern to communicate any fact which maybe relevant to the evaluation of the company.

SUNVIAUTO – INDUSTRIA DE COMPONENTES AUTOMÓVEIS, S.A finds itself in the process of a structural change in view to adopting a more sustainable and competitive business model. This new business model, with a more efficient industrial base, will permit the optimization of our resources and enlarge our competencies in the mobility branch.


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