Historical evolution

Sunviauto was founded in 1969 through the fusion of Sundlete, S.A. with Auto-Aliados, Lda., thereby becoming immediately one of the major national manufacturers of components for the automotive industry.

In the 70´s, new installations were inaugurated in Pedroso, Vila Nova de Gaia, with the main objective to establish its company seat and install its major production units.

It is in the 80´s that Sunviauto sees a new stage in its life with the entrance of a major Portuguese industrial group the board of shareholders. It then starts the implementation of a policy of strong expansion into the international markets. During this period Sunviauto has made some important investments on industrial equipments such as surface treatment systems, polyurethane foam injection and amplifying its automotive covers cutting and sewing capacity with state-of-the-art machinery.

In the 90´s, further to the investments made and within the scope of its international policy, the technical staff was considerably reinforced, thereby assuming a clear export vocation to markets such as France, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany.

It is during this period that the company´s quality system is awarded its first certificate, thereby accompanying its growth and establishment in new mobility markets such as bus, coach, motor home, transformed vehicles, railway transport, etc.

In the decade of 2000, Sunviauto introduces several state of the art technologies in view to support and strengthen its ambitious strategies for metal components production, with new and sophisticated CNC cutting and bending machines for steel tubes and sheet, robotized welding cells, KTL coating, CNC machining and laser cutting.

At the same time, in order to consolidate the western European markets, Sunvaiuto proceeded to establish logistic support centres in Germany, France and Spain, thereby enhancing its capacity to respond efficiently to the ever increasing challenges placed by its customers, while simultaneously reinforcing its capability to innovate and develop, as well as laboratory test its products.  

After 2008, with the strong economic upheaval which affected the global economy, Sunviauto reinforced its equity and consolidated its export vocation to new markets, inside and outside Europe, thereby reaffirming its positioning as a seat manufacturer for all segments of the mobility sector, however always maintaining its capacity, diligently built up over decades, to produce metal components and sets for the automotive branch.

2012 represents for Sunviauto a new year full of challenges in a European market plagued with recession.

The new global dimension of the company and its presence in new geographical markets, led by a renewed management team with clear and focused strategies, will make it possible to maintain its business volume in 2012.

Our conviction is that stronger penetration within our current customers will lead Sunviauto to growth in the coming years, thereby consolidating this project that, due to its history, wide product range and capacity to contribute with efficient solutions to this industrial s

In 2013 we have new Automotive projects which will contribute in a key manner for our growth in this sector.

In 2014 we have a new project to supply seats to a leading bus manufacturing company.
              Implementation of a plant in Queretaro (MEXICO) for the production and supply of bus seats on Central American market.

In 2015 we have expanded our market share to major Colombian bus manufacturing customers to consolidate our project in Mexico.

The year of 2016 is signales by the consolidation and growth of the Spanish bus and coach market but also by the growth of the automotive sector. In this stage, Sunviauto has invested in new CNC machinery for the tube conformation, as well as welding robots and specialized assembly lines.

In 2017, a new change in the shareholder structure occurs.



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