Four years ago we have started a new journey, setting a new strategy and I have repeated that we were on the right path. Today we can confirm that we were not wrong and, over time, we can say with greater conviction that, despite many difficulties, markets are not consolidated by growth phases as large as some years ago, that economic and political-social uncertainty has been rising and, increasingly, our project has better health, our numbers are positive and we had a 60% growth in our sales.

Sunviauto went from being a small player in 2012, to become leader of the Southern European market in the Bus & Coach sector. We are in a continuous launch of new products to complete and renew our portfolio in this sector.

The challenges ahead will be to grow and consolidate other sectors in which, until now, did not have great relevance, specifically in the Railway sector.

We have great opportunities in the Automotive sector, where major Tier'1 and even the OEM see us, every day, more competitive and with greater capacity to supply them.

Sunviauto has been reinforcing its teams during this four-year period, key-position team members have been incorporated in recent years, bringing greater strength and security to face our challenges.

Our strategy is based on helping our customers in their strategy to facilitate their success, thus consolidating our own.


Angel Robleño

General Manager

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