Personnel Management Policy

Sunviauto assumes it Personnel Management Policy as a system which has as its major goal to harmonize the business strategy with the well-being of its collaborators, respecting the normative and legal framework applicable to the labour context, in order to fulfil the needs of permanent adaptation to change leading to progress, human development, creation of value and company sustainability.

In this perspective, and taking into consideration the main element of the person within a professional context, Sunviauto aims to:
- optimize and increase its human capital;
- increase motivation and the overall satisfaction of its collaborators;
- issue and apply measures and actions which simultaneously valorise its collaborators and the organization as whole, in view potentiate or consolidate the company´s success.

The correct and adequate application of this policy shall permit:
- the creation of opportunities for personal and professional development within the organization;
- the promotion of continuous learning and the valorisation of work;
- the improvement of the participation level in all operational activities;
- the consolidation of a working environment suitable for business success;
- higher professional efficiency based on team work and successful socio-professional relationships developed within Sunviauto;
- that operations be carried out with a maximum of quality and efficiency upholding high level labour security standards; and
- an increased degree of identification between the collaborators and the company´s set of values.

At Sunviauto we equally promote autonomy of action or empowerment, without placing in question the role of the hierarchy in their function to responsibly apply the Personnel Management Policy within the bounds of the units, departments, services or units which they manage.

It is an integral parte of our Personnel Management Policy that high value be placed on information and knowledge sharing, based on a permanent dialogue, on effective communication and the involvement of all collaborators.

The promotion of innovation and excellence also constitutes a main concern of Sunviauto´s Personnel Management Policy.

Accompanying through analysis the contexts pertaining to the enveloping social background, we assume as a structural principle of Sunviauto´s Personnel Management Policy, a commitment to social responsibility and the respect of the professional, social and family aspirations of our collaborators, thereby fully complying to a code of conduct able to avoid and conveniently solve any conflicts and litigations which may arise.

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