InterCity - Eco (010 / 040)

Eco (in the Eco010 and Eco040 versions) is an interurban seat specially designed to maximize vehicle occupation without compromising the comfort standards needed for medium and long distance travelling.

Eco010 - Pic
Eco040 - Pic
Armrest Terminations (Ivo05)

Diferent terminations for the Ivo05 armrests: Standard, Carbon, Wood, Pearl or Upholstered.

Central Armrest (Vogel Type)

Available finishing: Standard, Carbon or Wood.

Vogel - Trash can

Retractable trash can.

Table (Vogel type)

Collapsible table with integrated cup holder.

Plane-type table

Funcionamento independente do rebatimento do banco.

Arch-Type Handle

Applicable in different positions.

Vogel - Lateral GrabHandle
Document Net "Net1"

Made with ultra-elastic form stable material.


Footrest with 4 positions.

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