InterCity GT - Magnio

Magnio is the pinnacle of a GT seat for bus and coach.

Design and ergonomics are conjugated to maximise comfort and passive safety in an unparalleled model, where the totally adjustable lumbar support and the incorporation of the latest European safety regulations, namely by diverting or integrating all accessories in order to avoid critical impact zones (head and knees), are features which stand out.


Magnio GrabHandle - Terminations

Different avaible terminations: Standard, Carbon, Wood or Pearl Grey.

Magnio - Cinzeiro

Cinzeiro Integrado Opcional (Pega Magnio)

Magnio - Tables

Retractable tables with integrated cup-holder; Mesa retracteis com porta-copos integrado;
Direct or plane-type" application.

Magnio - Lateral Panels

Lateral panels with different terminations - Pearl Grey, Carbon or Wood

Magnio - Grab Handle Magnio

Optional GrabHandle, with single or double application by seat.

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