InterCity - Hydrus

Hydrus is superior exemplar of a first class seat built upon the Vogel standard base, thus combining exemplary comfort with reliability and easy all track maintenance, as well as offering an extensive list of options and possible configurations.


Hydrus HP -Pic
Hydrus HP
Hydrus TAP - Pic
Hydrus TAP
Hydrus Mk1 - Pic
Hydrus Mk1
Hydrus Mk2 - Pic
Hydrus Mk2
Armrest Terminations (Ivo05)

Diferent terminations for the Ivo05 armrests: Standard, Carbon, Wood, Pearl or Upholstered.

Central Armrest (Vogel Type)

Available finishing: Standard, Carbon or Wood.

Vogel - Trash can

Retractable trash can.

Table (Vogel type)

Collapsible table with integrated cup holder.

Plane-type table

Funcionamento independente do rebatimento do banco.

Arch-Type Handle

Applicable in different positions.

Vogel - Lateral GrabHandle
Document Net "Net1"

Made with ultra-elastic form stable material.


Footrest with 4 positions.

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