Our customers are some of the most important players on markets as diverse as the Bus &Coach, Automotive, Railway, Military, Safety, amongst others.
With internal development and testing capability, our products are compliant with all international regulations and standards.
Either specific customer products, tailor-made or off-the-shelf, we focus on the quality and service to our customers.

Middle range seat
Robust Simplicity
Comfort and Freedom of Movement
Intercity Comfort
Maximum comfort as a standard
Comfort and lightness
Light and Stylish
Intercity robustness
Grand Touring comfort
Confort Perfection
Cat. M1; Reclinable; Fixed or Swivel
Fully Fixed and with integrated headrest
Tramway seat
Cat. M2 - Fixed with removable headrest
Top of the Range
Top of the range; Removable headrest
Adjustable backrest; Highly customisable
Reclinable backrest, Adjustable headrest
Integrated 3 point seatbelt
Adjustable head and backrest
Adjustable backrest, integrated headrest
Cat. M1, Fixed or Reclinable
Adjustable backrest, integrated headrest
Adjustable backrest, customizable covers


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