Research and Development

At Sunviauto product development follows two lines of orientation:

The first being the permanent exchange of stimulus with the markets where we are present in view to satisfying their explicit needs or those of specific customers;

The second derives from a proactive attitude where Sunviauto seeks to anticipate what it considers will be the needs of their customers or the markets by trying to incorporate added value in the solutions we investigate and present, either by incorporating new functionalities, or by increased product competitiveness based on eventual lower cost for a similar or higher function, in comparison to the previous standard or competing products.

Sunviauto believes in the logic of networking or increasing specialization, guaranteeing within the core team specific skills needed to study and produce seating solutions for the mobility industry, namely in structural or transformational terms, without of course downplaying but indeed even giving emphasis to, the participation of external specialists in complementary fields to the central function of the product itself, such as structural optimization and numeric modelling, design, specific comfort parameters and sensorial perception utilization, always in accordance with careful material selection criteria and the incorporation of innovative technologies.

Sunviauto´s development seeks, in this manner, to guarantee a forward looking orientation and sustainable intervention in the company´s future, striving to promote competitive differentiation through explicit intensification of solutions and increasing the value offered to our customers.

Sunviauto uses, in its day to day, the most modern numeric modelling tools and incorporates a vertical ID+I department (Investigation Development and Innovation), possessing skills at all levels of seat production, therefore creating a wide scope dialogue basis with a variety of customers, in order to address all their needs.

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