Values ​​and Mission


We are an industrial company that supplies seating solutions and metallic frames, mainly for the transport sector (road, rail and sea).

We want to contribute with efficient and innovative solutions to strengthen our customer’s strategies, thereby promoting the sustainable and profitable growth of the company as well as the well-being of those implicated in this collective project.


We aspire to be recognized as a reference on our industrial sector:

  • As the first strategic partner of our customers;
  • By the superior quality of our products;
  • As a professional and social reference; and
  • By the commitment to our values.


  • Customer orientation
    • Recognize and understand the needs and expectations of each customer – meet its requirements and all applicable legal and statutory regulations, exceeding its expectations
    • Act preventively, with based on a risk assessment approach, avoiding failures
    • Demonstrate the commitment towards quality, continuously improving customer satisfaction, through innovative and flexible solutions
  • Result orientation
    • Establish key performance indicators and targets to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes
    • Make decisions based upon facts, evidences and in data analysis to improve our overall performance
    • Contribute and account for the outcome of the work done, acting with a global vision of the group overall target fulfillment, not limiting to the meeting of the individual task
  • Engagement of the people
    • Provide good work environment, promoting the respect, the dialogue and accuracy
    • Update the level of knowledge and competence of our employees through training, allowing the skills development and the level of autonomy
    • Promote the team-work, sharing knowledge and experience and being available to collaborate, acting with versatility and assuming the group’s decisions
  • Mutual trust 
    • Inform and communicate with transparency and in due time, using concrete data
    • Act respectfully and politely, practicing Sunviauto’s guidelines
    • Build strong and lasting relationships with all stakeholders, based upon trust and mutual benefit
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Constantly search for the product and process improvement, accepting changes as opportunities
    • Promote the free initiative of all employees to contribute with suggestions to improve the products and the processes
    • Promote the change and support the changes deployed by one another
  • Environment, Health and Safety
    • Improve the environmental performance to prevent pollution
    • Make available all necessary resources to prevent occupational hazards
    • Enhance awareness in matters of environment, safety and health at work

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